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Kanyashree Prakalpa is a scheme launched by the Wes Bengal Government in 2013 that seeks to improve the status and wellbeing of the girls, specifically from socio-economically disadvantaged families through conditional cash transfers. The scheme incentivises girls to continue education, and complete secondary or higher secondary education or equivalent in technical or vocational stream and at the same time disincentivizes underage marriages. It offers a two-tier scholarship of an annual Rs 750 for continuing education and a one-time payment of Rs 25,000 on completion of 18 years of age, conditional upon the girl remaining unmarried and continuing education till that age. More than just conferring monetary support, the scheme was envisaged to be a a means of financial inclusion and a tool of empowerment for adolescent girls. The scheme’s benefits are therefore paid directly to bank accounts in the girls names, leaving the decision of utilization of the money in their hands. To reinforce the positive impact of increased education and delayed marriages, the scheme also works to enhance the social power and self-esteem of girls through a targeted behaviour change communication strategy. The communication strategy not only builds awareness of the scheme, but includes adolescent-friendly approaches like events, competitions and Kanyashree clubs, and the endorsement of strong women figures as role models to promote social and psychological empowerment.

The scheme has been hailed as a much-needed intervention to combat the high rate of child marriage in the state, and has received widespread recognition and many awards at the national and international level including winning the 1st Place in UNPSA Award 2017.

 Of all its acitivities in the furtherance of the cause of education, Kandra Radhakanta Kundu Mahavidyalaya is especially proud of taking part in achieving the government’s objective of women’s education and empowerment by its active role as a medium in implementing the noble scheme of Kanyashree.


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We aim to provide our students with an education that prepares them for lifelong learning and success in a rapidly changing world. To achieve this, we prioritize experiential learning, interdisciplinary inquiry, and the integration of theory and practice. We believe that by engaging in research, internships, community service, and other forms of experiential education, our students will develop the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to make meaningful contributions to society.