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The institution has adopted certain student-centric learning strategies. Some important methodologies for student-centric learning are listed below: 

  • Students are motivated to take informal classes. The topic is communicated well in advance by the teacher so that the students prepare the given topic. .
  • Debate sessions are also organized where students can participate and speak on a particular topic. 
  • Departmental wall magazine is prepared and done by the students of the department. The departmental teachers sit with students and they are asked to give suggestions while choosing a topic. Once the topic is selected, the students are given time to 81 explore it by reading books, consulting the library, browsing the internet and so on. The execution of the topic on the departmental magazine board is also the responsibility of the students. 
  • The College Magazine named “Didhiti” is published by the College authority where students are motivated to give expression to their creative ideas and radical views. Thus, it serves as a platform for the budding artists of the future. 
  • Students of the College organize fests, cultural programmes and seminars during which they are directed to take care of everything from decorating the college hall, arranging refreshments, deciding on the content of the programme or topic of the seminar to maintaining discipline and decorum till the programme is over. This helps the young students to learn the crucial managerial skills of planning, budgeting, resource mobilizing, executing and so on. It enhances their ability to work hard and in a focused manner for the successful organization of the programme. 
  • Some departments arrange students’ seminar where students deliver lectures on a particular topic from their syllabus. Faculty members, an external expert and students of the department form the audience. It makes learning more student-centric and stimulating. 
  • Project works by the departments such as Geography (preparation of field report) and Physical Education help the students to sharpen their capabilities. 
  • Use of Audio visual aids e.g. Film version of texts, PPTs etc. for teaching by the various departments help the students to acquire in depth knowledge of the subject and grasp the aim and mechanism of teaching-learning process better. 
  • The first-hand experience of the students in the preparation of Wall Magazine, College Magazine etc. prepares and motivates the students to do better and bigger events in future, for instance, Photo Exhibition etc. Use of maps, overhead projectors, PowerPoint presentations are done to make learning an enjoyable experience. 
  • Organizing departmental Seminars by inviting educationists from reputed institutions. Collaborative learning operates in the college when small groups of students are made to work together to complete an academic task.
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We aim to provide our students with an education that prepares them for lifelong learning and success in a rapidly changing world. To achieve this, we prioritize experiential learning, interdisciplinary inquiry, and the integration of theory and practice. We believe that by engaging in research, internships, community service, and other forms of experiential education, our students will develop the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to make meaningful contributions to society.